Science, Technology and STEMM


Our expert and high-energy teachers make science come alive thanks to their hands-on philosophy and mystery-solving attitude. Our project focused classes vary week to week. Students have a chance to learn and explore everything from green energy to propulsion to photosynthesis to magnetic fields. While building their projects and changing variables, students are learning about key STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts and skills like Newton's Laws of Motion, Bernoulli's Principle, LeChatlier's Principle, scientific modeling, small scale representation and methods of observation. We want to give children the best understanding of how STEM is integral to everyday life and to develop their logic and critical thinking abilities. We know from experience that kids thrive in an environment where they can feel safe to experiment, learn from mistakes, and take pride in each success. Our programs are successful and popular largely because of LINX’s goal to teach kids how to reason and think strategically as a group, while using creativity in a fun and safe environment..

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