Martial Arts | 3 Years - 8th Grade

Children are naturally full of energy and need an outlet for it. At LINX Martial Arts, children will develop unshakable confidence, laser-like focus, and powerful self-control because they are doing movements they love and which come naturally to them!

Every martial arts student receives a complimentary gi (short for Karate Gi or karategi) to wear to each class.

Martial Arts for ages 3 years - 5th grade

LINX Martial Arts students learn focus and lengthen their attention span when they are doing something that they enjoy doing—jumping, leaping, punching, chopping, and kicking. To the student's benefit, they are moving this way in an environment that is safe and has boundaries for non-contact. Additionally, if you give any developing child a big task to do, most likely they will forget many steps. The kata aspect of martial arts training—a detailed choreographed pattern of movements, which we practice in unison—teaches the ordering of small steps to achieve success, proper technique, and attention to detail. Finally, our program supports decision making, whether it’s waiting to begin, waiting for a turn, or spinning in a circle. It's this decision making that leads them to greater self-awareness and control. We finish each class with meditation to calm our bodies, settle our thoughts, and integrate the lessons from the class.

Each class also includes history of martial arts and lessons on the integrity of martial arts.

Kung Fu for 2nd -8th grades

LINX Kung Fu teaches a striking style of martial arts that utilizes kicks, blocks, and both open and closed hand strikes to defend against attackers. Students will deepen their confidence, focus, and self-control!

Meet Mr. T!

Todd Livingston, respectfully and affectionately known as Mr. T, has a background in martial arts, with black belts in both Kempo Karate and Jiu-Jitsu. He studied for almost two decades under Master Nelson Chan in Wahlum Kung fu.

Mr. T focuses on making martial arts successful for every student! He gives beginners fun, exciting, and challenging skills. He has extensive competition experience, which he brings to the more advanced levels, and he creates skill-appropriate challenges for those that have a deeper passion for martial arts.

Mr. T's soft spoken demeanor inspires both trust and respect from students who return for his instruction year after year.

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