LINX Ninja Games

LINX Martial Arts students (2nd – 6th grade) who are currently enrolled in a martial arts class at LINX may participate in Ninja Games, a fun nontraditional martial arts conditioning class. The class is a valuable complement to all traditional martial arts classes, and is unique because it is taught by the martial arts instructor, Mr. T. Conditioning helps kids meet the challenges of learning martial arts skills, and will help with sparring, Kung Fu, flexibility, stamina, athletic skills, balance, endurance, agility and belt progression. The 50-minute class includes stretches and core conditioning challenges for fun and stamina:

  • Plank challenges
  • Jumping drills
  • Stretching
  • Ninja-themed dodgeball games

To add to the fun and more casual environment, leave your ghee at home! Kids may wear comfortable clothing for maximum flexibility.