Premier Classes. Fun for Kids, Great for Parents!

Our mission is to provide the best classes experience for each member of every family.

LINX creates fun, exciting, inspiring experiences for kids and teens through high quality programming in an emotionally safe environment led by extraordinary staff. The LINX team offers attentive customer service, convenience-focused amenities, and membership benefits to support the needs of parents and families.

Collage of students in classes

Fun-Based Learning Philosophy

Our fun-based learning philosophy is based upon research that shows children experience the most genuine and deepest learning when they are having FUN! Our teachers are carefully selected education or child development professionals who are creative, positive, and high-energy. Their carefully designed developmentally and age appropriate lessons engage students by being hands-on and flexible to the direction of the student's curiosity. In all of our LINX classes, from dance to theater to enrichment, when everyone is having fun, the extent of learning is limitless!