Complete Your Pod Education with "Specials"

Art, music, physical education, and library are common "specials" that elementary students enjoy each week. They are physical and creative outlets during a school week that students love as much for the activities themselves, as for the chance to interact with their classmates. These special subjects also contribute to increased achievement in academics and overall health and well-being!

If you have created a pandemic pod, micro-school, or quaranteam, or started temporarily homeschooling your children, you will want to supplement the core educational components you have put in place with specials. We can help you do that!


  • Physical Education in the form of sports
  • Physical Education in the form of dance
  • Drama
  • Chorus
  • Music


Depending on how you have structured your pod and your agreed upon safety measures, you may want an instructor to come to your pod or you may want your pod to come to us. We offer three location options:

  • Your pod's learning location
  • An outdoor classroom at LINX's Linden Street location
  • An open field at LINX's Elm Bank location

Time & Duration

Each of our specials is one hour in length, regardless of the location in which it takes place.

Our specials are offered at three standard times each day, but can be customized to your pod's schedule by shifting a standard time by as much as 30 minutes.

  • 9:00am
  • 11:00am
  • 1:00pm

Commitment to Health & Safety

We know you have created a pod for health and safety reasons. We share that commitment and require every teacher on our team to complete a daily health attestation before coming to work. The LINX health attestation follows, and is kept current with, the Massachusetts travel restrictions. Additionally:

  • If teaching at your pod's learning location, our instructor may not teach inside
  • Our instructor will maintain 6 feet of physical distancing from the students
  • If requested, the instructor will enforce 6 feet of physical distancing between students


We are ready to design a special that is customized to your pod's interests, weekly schedule, location preference, and budget.

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